Rachel Masters was raised in mid-western Iowa in a traditional farm family. 
Rachel's mother was a stay-at-home mom who cooked far more than the average woman to prepare meals and snacks for the hired hands on
the farm.  She was adamant that her daughters learn to
cook, and cook WELL, so Rachel's culinary skills were well-
honed before she left for college in Arkansas to study
Elementary, Special, and Mathematics Education.  After
college graduation, Rachel married her college sweetheart
Darren, and worked several different jobs in education
before becoming a mom in 1997.  Since then, she and
Darren have had five children (with another on the way)
and have moved back to mid-western Iowa to her great-
grandfather's homestead.  Rachel currently homeschools
her three oldest children, and keeps busy with all the day-
to-day tasks of homemaking and motherhood. 

Rachel's ideas for the cookbook started several years ago. 
She was tired of trying to think of what to cook for supper
every night and came up with the idea of a rotating meal
plan.  After writing down MANY meal ideas, it made sense to go one step further and make grocery lists to accompany them.  That worked for a while, but the frustration continued when she couldn't find the recipes that went with the evening's meal plan.  That led her to believe that it would be worth the time and trouble to compile the meal plans, grocery lists AND recipes together in one book.  So, over the course of two years, among homeschool lessons, children's naptimes, helping her husband build their log cabin, and other continuous interruptions, Rachel compiled and revised a 250-page book.

When friends heard about this project, many of them expressed an interest in buying a copy (if and when the cookbook was ever published) because of their similar frustrations with supper-planning.  Word quickly spread, and when the first 500 copies came out in October 2006, they were all sold within two months. 

Rachel has a heart for helping fellow "home-makers."  She hopes that this cookbook proves to be a valuable tool, not just for those who are learning to cook, but also for those moms who are too busy to plan meals but still want to provide balanced, familiar, home-cooked meals for their families on a regular basis.  She has been a speaker at MOPS (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers) groups meetings in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Arkansas, and looks for opportunities to encourage all moms to give of themselves to serve their families.