Take a peek inside
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You will find that thirteen weeks of complete meal plans, grocery lists, and all necessary recipes are conveniently listed - reducing your planning time to nothing!

Each week starts with its own menu plan and accompanying grocery list.
View a sample menu plan and grocery list (40 KB).

The next few pages outline each of the meals in detail, including recipes, variations, and a meal prep schedule so that you can have a complete meal on the table at 6 pm - five nights each week!  Also, each week includes recipes for a special snack and a delicious dessert.
View a sample meal, with recipes and a meal prep schedule (44 KB).

A number of helpful appendices are included at the end, giving advice about leftovers, substitutions, homemade breads, fresh garden produce and eating together as a family.
View the Table of Contents to see a listing of all meals and appendices (32 KB).

This cookbook is especially helpful for new cooks or stay-at-home moms, but could be used by anyone who doesn't have time to plan for meals.  Get a copy for yourself, or consider giving some away as wedding shower gifts. 

Putting together a delicious meal for your family shouldn't be a source of stress.  The pages in this cookbook guide you to buying the right foods once a week, and then preparing the recipes step-by-step for each meal -- you won't cringe when the kids ask, "What's for supper, mom?"  Best of all, these have been kid-tested at my table, and are the usual mid-western favorites that so many of us grew up enjoying, like the roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cooked carrots, pictured here.