Internet Services

STC delivers fast internet speeds to the communities we serve. We use the latest DSL and fiber technologies to deliver our internet service to homes and businesses.

    Reliable service you can count on!

    With our newly installed fiber to the home, our network is reliable and is not affected by changes in weather! There are no data caps, throttled speeds, or contracts for our services.

    Fiber Internet Speed Options

    Schaller, Galva, Cushing (Rural South & Town), and Kiron

    • 25/3 Mb
    • 50/5 Mb
    • 100/10 Mb
    • 150/15 Mb
    • 200/20 Mb
    Additional internet speed offerings available upon request.

    DSL Internet Speed Options

    Cushing (Rural North)

    • 3/1 Mb
    • 5/1 Mb
    • 10/1 Mb
    Additional internet speed offerings available upon request and restrictions may apply.

    Local Service Provider

    We are a local and family-owned service provider, and we pride ourselves in the small-town service we provide! STC has a technician on call 24/7. Technical support is also available 24/7 for our customers.

        STC Enhanced Wi-Fi

        Simple, easy to control Wi-Fi at your fingertips!

          STC CommandIQ App

          With our STC CommandIQ application, you can have control of your Wi-Fi in the palm of your hand!


          Manage Devices

          View and manage all of your devices connected to your network.

          Bandwidth Usage

          Track bandwidth usage on your connected devices and run speed tests.

          Guest Network

          Set up a guest network to keep your guests from interfering with your devices’ internet connection.

          Parental Controls

          Set parental controls, pause network access, or disconnect network access on devices.

          GigaSpire BLAST Wi-Fi 6

          Upgrade your router when you sign up for STC Enhanced Wi-Fi to a GigaSpire BLAST! 


          Wi-Fi 6

          With the GigaSpire BLAST, you get 3 Wi-Fi channels, instead of 2. Wi-Fi 6 allows you to connect more devices simultaneously!


          The GigaSpire BLAST increases your Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.

          Schaller Telephone Company

          111 West Second Street
          P.O. Box 9
          Schaller, Iowa 51053
          Telephone: 712-275-4211
          Fax: 712-275-4121

          24/7 Technical Support

          Internet Speed Test

          Iowa One Call
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