Telephone Service

Serving Schaller, Galva, Cushing and Kiron

Schaller Telephone Company offers a full assortment of telecommunications to customers in the Schaller, Galva, Cushing and Kiron areas. Our current telecommunications products and services consist of:

  • Residential and Business phone service with unlimited local calling
  • Calling features
  • Wire maintenance plan
  • 900 number blocking
  • PIC freeze capability
  • Emergency 911 service
  • Long distance services

Noteworthy Information

  • Directories are published in March of each year.
  • For billing name and address changes, contact our office via email: or call us at 275-4211.
Calling Features

Call Forwarding
Incoming calls are forwarded to a subscriber-designated number. *72 activates/*73 deactivates. *Note: Toll charges may apply

Call Waiting
A tone signal alerts subscriber of a second call.

Caller ID
Calling party’s name and number is displayed after one ring.

Speed Calling (8 Code)
Subscriber assigns a 1 digit code for up to 8 frequently dialed numbers. To access the saved numbers dial *74.

Speed Calling (30 Code)
Subscriber assigns a 2 digit code for up to 30 frequently dialed numbers. To access the saved numbers dial *75.

Three Way Calling
Enables subscriber to add a third party to an existing call establishing a three way connection.

Allows reliable answering service to be on subscriber phone line at all times.

Wire Maintenance Plan

The Wire Maintenance Plan protects you from expenses relating to the inside telephone wiring in your home. If you subscribe to this service, STC will repair or replace any inside wiring that creates a service problem.

For more information on the Wire Maintenance Plan, contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at (712) 275-4211.

900# Blocking

Information Service Access Blocking is available to all customers. This feature blocks all outgoing 900 or 976 prefix numbers.

The initial blocking request is provided at no charge. Please complete the form below if you would like to block 900 or 976 numbers.


PIC Freeze

In order to better serve you and keep you from getting your long distance service changed without your authorization, we provide the service preferred carrier freeze.

A preferred carrier freeze prevents a change in a subscriber’s long distance carrier without the consent of the subscriber. The preferred carrier freeze can be placed on your intrastate and interstate telecommunications carriers.

Once the preferred carrier freeze is in place, the freeze can only be lifted by you, either by written or oral authorization. The written authorization must be signed with explanation of your intent to lift a preferred carrier freeze. It should also include your billing name and address and each telephone number that is affected.

The oral authorization can be initiated by the customer or can be a three-way conference call with you, the carrier to which you wish to switch, and one of our customer service representatives.

Long Distance
We offer a variety of long distance packages to our customers. For details and pricing information, please contact our office.

Schaller Telephone Company

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